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Me and a good friend of mine were talking, as always, about boys. But this conversation was a tad different. This time we talked about men. *look amazed*
And talking about the fact that some of them truly knows how to age well. Wether it's pure genetics or good health and great hair they seem to age not only with dignity but with grace and do I dare to say it...their sex appeal ability intact. It's amazing! You know when you see an adorable pretty (and I say this without aaany plans of child molesting at the moment. Im taken for godness sake*) young thing on the street, and you think "wow, that kid is going to be so beautiful when he or she (im sorry, I don't think HEN is in the oxford dicionary yet..) grows up". And when you see a boyish man (I can never call one a man when they still look fresh-delivered out of mommy dear..I'll take that hit) in his 20's something and you stop and think "he is going to be so HOT in his 40's!". Even when you see a man in his 40's still looking inpeccable and fresh as the prince of Bel-Air himself, you get amazed! But the show doesn't stop there, oh no. There is still this category for the older... but goodies. Yes. We're now talking 60+. Have you crossed some imaginary unwritten line when you see a older man (yes. We are still on the 60+.) and you stop, turn around and think....."I would still tap that ass."
 Is that a sign that you need help...a sign that you like them older....a sign that you appreciate the beauty of it just like a fine wine, or is it just a sign that some people stay forever young? 
Or is it adultery the other way around? .. * feel free to laugh*  
As always when talking about boys, you need an example or two. Let's do Sean Connery! The scottish legend who played bond for nearly 18 years (!) and hooked-up with a few hollywood hotties in his past. It's hard to believe and accept that this precious actionman is turning 84. Yupp, you heard me. 
So tell me....truth be told, at what age do you draw YOUR limit? 
Would you still tap this ass at picture number 3?
Small note: He is 48 and rocking BOND on that photo.
*I do not approve or accept child molesting neither the people responsable for it. It is a nasty thing to do and the people causing children so much pain and suffering by doing those horrifying acts, deserves a faith worse than death. Just so that we're clear. 

My weekend with Roma

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Som utlovat kommer inlägget där jag berättar mer om min vecka i Rom. Finns egentligen inte så många detaljer att införa för dem som inte är, dvs, insatta. Men jag är såklart, as always, villig att skriva lite struntprat bara för att bidra med ännu ett inlägg. Allt för er som troget läser Bellbishko's confessions of a camphoe (mer förklaring till denna beskrivning senare). Vi kan ju börja med lite bilder. Och om detta inlägg är lite osammanhängande är det för att #KUWTK (keeping up with the kardashians..) säsong 9 visas i bakgrunden. Herregud, vad har hänt med Kims contouring? Somebody needs to fire her MUP artist.....or get one. I've always been a believer of that sometimes more IS more - but in this case less is truly the better option. Cause she is after all one of the hottest women on this planet. Why smooosch that away with all this...dirty details? Anyways....back to Rome!
 Första dagen så mötte jag upp min dunk-a-hunk hunk som sparat ut lite hår. Sooo fine but very itchy when it's time to play boyfriend and girlfriend. Soooo, it had to go. But I might let him keep it for a while longer next time. Vi åt middag, relaxade, gjorde oss iordning and headed out to campo di fiori och en natts jobb. Och för första gången på riktigt länge så kunde jag åka dit och inte behöva oroa mig för mitt eget jobb etc. I was a tourist for the first time ever in Rome and it felt really really nice! Jag mötte upp Saranda, ex co-worker and bestie, och vi drack drinkar och bara pratade ikapp allt som hänt sen jag flyttade tillbaka till Sverige. Hon åkte hem lite tidigare eftersom hon jobbat hela dagen men nästa dag så hade vi hela kvällen på Shari Vari tillsammans. Jag var så glad att träffa framförallt henne och Vanessa. Mest av allt min M såklart men resten var ett sånt stort plus! Seeen finns det ju alltid dem man inte klarar av att se, som får en att vilja dra av sig själv håret OCH skinnet. But! With the right people around you and a positive attitude, I found my zen zone and got through the week without killing anyone. Bella - Campo 1-0.
Varje dag drog vi oss i sängen så länge vi ville, tog långa promenader och sena (och väldigt feta..) luncher och sen tog jag en springtur när han gick till gymmet. Jag följde med 2 gånger men att springa i solskenet är lite mer lockande för mig när snön rasar i Sverige. I think you all Swedish people would agree with me here ..  
Veckan var helt enkelt fantastiskt och det kändes förjävligt att åka hem. Det var 22 grader och strålande sol dagen jag och Magda drog oss till flygplatsen. Magdalina är en tjej från Ryssland som också hängde några månader i Rom och vi alla lärde känna varandra ganska snabbt. En sak med att flytta till ett annat land, utan större kunskaper för vare sig landet eller språket samtidigt som man inte känner någon, besides the ones you moved with, så lär man sig ganska snabbt att vara öppen, hjälpsam och social vilket betyder att man också får ett nytt socialt nätverk. Which is amazeballs som my dear JJ would say! Love it, love them.  
Jag längtar redan tillbaka och vi har en del planeringar som vi håller på och försöker reda ut as we speak. Rome kommer föralltid vara mitt andra hem, ofc, men kanske inte det sista......stay tooned. 
First things first är iallafall London nu i Mars och vara roomie med min älskade J igen. Ska bli så himla roligt och jag längtar som tusan! Tower bridge, London eye, Warner brothers....åh. 

ci vediamo

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Travelling all day today. 
Woke up at 7, snuggled, kissed and said bye until 9, met up Magdalina and we went to the airport and then our separate ways after 'talking the walk', killing time, so to speak. I had the worst travel day ever. Besides saying bye to the people I love (but I'll see some of them soon enough) they decided to harrass me at the airport with searching my bags and searching...well.. me. Maybee I looked too hungover, too stressed or too...I don't know, karmaniced? Anyways, Im home in Sweden now. Finalmente. Hard to leave 20 degrees plus with pure sun behind you and then land to see the Stockholm archipelago still frozen. At least I have my sweet parents, my fluffy cat and a cup of nuddles. Could be worse. Now Im gonna put on a really sad movie, so I can cry the tears that are dying to surface so I can get it over with and then sleep a good nights sleep. Tomorrow is a new day, that involves me going back to work and to my darling kids.
I hate saying goodbye, that's why I say CI VEDIAMO instead.