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.. 2014-02-18 @ 21:30:49 / KATEGORI: Allmänt
Travelling all day today. 
Woke up at 7, snuggled, kissed and said bye until 9, met up Magdalina and we went to the airport and then our separate ways after 'talking the walk', killing time, so to speak. I had the worst travel day ever. Besides saying bye to the people I love (but I'll see some of them soon enough) they decided to harrass me at the airport with searching my bags and searching...well.. me. Maybee I looked too hungover, too stressed or too...I don't know, karmaniced? Anyways, Im home in Sweden now. Finalmente. Hard to leave 20 degrees plus with pure sun behind you and then land to see the Stockholm archipelago still frozen. At least I have my sweet parents, my fluffy cat and a cup of nuddles. Could be worse. Now Im gonna put on a really sad movie, so I can cry the tears that are dying to surface so I can get it over with and then sleep a good nights sleep. Tomorrow is a new day, that involves me going back to work and to my darling kids.
I hate saying goodbye, that's why I say CI VEDIAMO instead.

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Hej love har samma nummer igen men ny tele. 0763171691. Har inga nummer kvar smsa ditt, vill prata ikvääääll.


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