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This is not the first time I write some fine piece of words about the d-day every girl secretly, or in my case not so secretly but quite...openly, dream and wish about after every candle blowout. The romantic proposal, walking down the isle with daddy dear, saying the two small (but oh so big) words with a soft, romantic, tearfilled voice with a bit of that faboulous dramatiQue in the tone. Wearing your dream and kissing the man of it. Looking flawless and being the centre of attention all day - all night. Good god, either I'm more of a attention whore than I thought, going soft or I just really really want that day to come. Now. Adesso. Nu. I guess it's a mixture of all that. All I know is (and now I'm not including the major file I have with dresses, flowers, invitation lists, food choices etc etc....one can not start too early with this) that it is going to be magical.
"But Bella, the marriage is whats important!"
That's complete bullsh*t .....give me a wedding and I will give you my heart for the rest of the years to come. Hollaa! 

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GUUUUURL. Those backs of those dresses. Dear lord. I'll take number two, please!

2014-01-11 @ 22:37:21
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